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Work exchange

Covering tasks and responsibilities as part of your contribution

As part of our flexible economy framework we generally offer to cover up to half of the quotes (-> the remaining balance after your monetary deposit on reservation) as non-monetary contribution. Instead this contribution can be covered by marbles, our internal currency, which you can also earn by your work input.
The amount of marbles you earn by taking over project tasks or responsibilities can variate depending on your motivation and skills. You might need between 90 minutes and 4 hours work to cover the remaining balance for each day of your participation, plus eventually an other 1 to 6 hours covering the event quote for joining the facilitated activities and teachings. * (If you ever was running your own farm, build your own furnitures or previously organised events you are very likely to be on the low end. If you have two left hands, no experience in getting responsible about the outcome of your work or you intentionally select unknown works for their learning experience you are more likely to be on the upper end of the scale)
The entire organisational framework of work exchange and economic exchange is designed to offer you a maximum of freedom and flexibility and to empower you to step into self-responsibility without rigid structures and the usual hierarchic management and control. For many people this is a very new experience, possibly challenging, which offers a great learning experience and might change your entire understanding of work, freedom and self-responsibility. Please keep in mind that during the initial phase of understanding and adaptation your work exchange should not focus on maximum earning but on the conscious learning involved which gets supported by our attentive guidance. Be aware that it might take weeks till your work input gets efficient. During that phase you need to be prepared for covering part of the remaining balance through an additional economic contribution.

We offer reduced quotes for people with low economy. If you do not have the economic means to be relaxed about the exact economic contribution, nor do you have relevant experiences and skills, you might better join in a different moment.

Please be aware:

There is no expectation for you to get involved into work exchange during your stay. You are very welcome to cover the entire contribution with money while others cover all pending tasks on project level. In case you do not want to be challenged by stepping into a totally new work environment, but instead want to concentrate on other personal processes we recommend to not enter the work exchange at all.
Independent of this you are usually expected to cover your part in the communal household tasks (1 to 2 hours per day without earning marbles)

Even if you enter into work exchange you will have full freedom in choosing working hours and tasks which suits you, fits to the activities you are interested to join and leaves space for your personal process inside the laboratory.

We do not distinguish between different roles related to your work exchange status, like volunteer, paying guest etc.. That means that there is no difference in treat and privileges and everybody present is an equal member of our community.

We do not predict the amount of marbles you will earn by work exchange, as this depends on your motivation and skills but also on the actual situation and necessities in the project.

You need to cover the balance for each weeks participation beforehand. That's why you can not apply work exchange to cover the balance of your first week of stay, but can use the earning of work exchange for the following week or an other participation in the future. If you are interested in reducing the monetary contribution of the first week, please consider to support our promotion, or to bring other resources.

If you join for less than an entire moon cycle we can not guaranty that you will be able to earn the remaining balance of your contribution. You will need to be prepared to still complete the contribution through a payment at the end of your stay.

Not always it is possible to do the work exchange during an event. In case you want to cover the balance of an event marked as „no work exchange opportunities“ you need to dispose of a marble credit earned during your previous collaboration.

If you are interested to get our support in stepping into effective work exchange you should join at least one entire moon cycle, starting with the initial introduction and joining the dedicated group process.

If you are interested in full work exchange without any resulting monetary contribution you need to join our crew for at least 3 moon cycles (total: 12 weeks). In that case you can recover your initial economic contribution at the end of the period. Read more

If you are interested to take part you find all opportunities in our calendar.

If you want to find out why we do not apply the concept of volunteering you can read it here.