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Community experience

Join our transient community, for a week or even several months

At our Ecovillage- and Eros- Laboratory, community is at the heart of the process. Valle de Sensaciones provides an environment and specific tools, designed to offer an intensive temporary community experience with all its processes and learnings. For that reason, there is no established community inhabiting the place, aiming to minimise any fixed social patterns, private needs and possibly long term conflicts. Valle de Sensaciones is run by a rotating team which aims to constantly adapt to the changing situations and focus. Instead of putting you into a role of a guest, as common in many Ecovillages and community projects, you can fully feel part of the community from the very first moment, and co-design most aspects of communal living. As far as we know, this concept is unique. Many guests confirm how they instantly feel at home, being fully integrated and taking responsibility for initiating experiences which they wish to live out.

Who comes to this experience?

Individuals, couples or groups can join our community. Usually, people would be looking at learning skills of living in a sustainable, natural environment with other people. This encompasses many aspects from the group processes and learning together a New Culture of coexistence to the very practicalities of chopping wood and carrying water. We attract people in tune with the ideas of creativity in sensual contact with nature who are guided to experience and express their creativity, sensuality, spirituality and self-awareness. We also love to celebrate here at the Valle! We love music, celebration, dancing, cuddling, rituals and sensual spoils in the nature!

Most typically, entering the Community and Laboratory experience you would be interested to contribute to community daily tasks as well as any on-going projects at the site. You can freely design your days finding your own work / play balance guided by the principle of self-responsibility. What is on offer to learn or enjoy at any point depends very much on who is present in the valley. If your major aim is learning specific skills we recommend that you sign up for one of our workshops on the subject of your interest or check out if there is anybody available for teaching exchange at the time of your stay.

Cycle crew

A 4 week long common journey of exploration and experiences

All participants signing up for at least one moon cycle will go on an intensive journey together. They start with an immersion right before new moon, initiating a group process, building a field of trust, sharing about longings, mapping their skills and designing the coming dynamic together. Than an intense and unique 4 weeks long common journey will start.


What are the costs for joining?

For joining the Community experience there is a basic contribution. This includes the costs of food and living, using the entire place, its educational and artistic infrastructure, the basic facilitation of the communal processes, some periodic activities (like sharing circles, medicine wheel ceremonies, dancing parties with DJ,...) and the attentive guidance of our team.

The basic contribution is of 48 € per day. (reduced: 32 €, supportive 64 €)
It starts with an early bird offer at 36 € per day. (reduced: 24 €)
The earlier you sign up the cheaper it will get.

For joining the events an additional contribution might be requested, please see the Event description to find out.
When you arrive for the first time without taking part in an introductory event you will still need to receive the initial introduction to our laboratory. For that there is an extra quote of 60 € (reduced: 40 €, supportive: 80 €)

Our signup form calculates the costs while selecting the desired time slots. That's the easiest way to find out the total costs of your stay.

We offer to cover up to 50 % of any contribution as work exchange, through own sessions you offer in our laboratory and/or by promoting our project.
That way the monetary contribution can get as low as 12 € per day in case you book early, apply for reduced quotes and join sufficient time for your input to get efficient.

After you have participated for an entire moon cycle you can get selected for full work exchange. Than there will be no monetary contribution at all, and you might even be able to recover your previous payments.

Login needed for signup

Log in or create a new profile on our website first, in order to sign up for any of the events or participate in community living.

Join our transient community, for a week or even several months