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Economic concept

The contribution for joining our project is defined in marbles, our internal currency.
Marbles help to compensate the different economic capacities of our participants, support easy ways of non-monetary exchange and offer a framework for economic flow in the valley.

Marbles can be bought for 6 € normal price (4 € reduced and 8 € supportive).
You can also get them for referring participants to us, for doing work exchange on the place or at home, or for offering sessions inside our laboratory.

Your contribution is composed by 2 positions

Basic quote: Covers all basic costs of our project: Food, infrastructure and maintanance, administration, basic facilitation of community, marketing, insurance,... . This is paid by everybody taking part in the community, even if the amount depends on your type of membership.
First signups and long term participants enjoy a lower basic quote, as they build the core of the community seed. For enjoying the lowest quote we recommend to reserve your place early, or join the community for an entire moon cycle or longer.

Event quote: Just charged when signing up to a certain event. We mainly pass this budget on to the facilitator(s) or the event organizers.

The combined contribution of both is than split in 2 payments

Deposit: For reserving your place you need to transfer between 40% and 50% of the total. This amount is always paid as money. With this we ensure to be able to cover the expenses of the project

Remaining balance: Once in the valley you need to hand over the remaining contribution. This can be paid in money or in marbles. Contributing marbles instead of money allows you to cover the remaining balance in a non-monetary way, like promoting our project, work-exchange or offering sessions to other participants.

Payment policy

Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of one-half the total quote is required at the time of registration to secure your place in the laboratory. In case you enjoy a low rate because of early signup, this quote will remain for 10 days after signup date. In case the deposit did not arrive on our account in time, quotes might get updated.

Remaining balance: The remaining balance has to be covered always for at least one week beforehand and can be paid in money or in marbles. If you are interested in covering your balance in marbles you need to achieve them beforehand by promotion you can even do before arrival or through work exchange and sessions implemented during your previous participation.
In case you are not holding up with handing over the entire contribution for your participation, you will need to end your participation, while remaining deposits might be lost.

Transfer of deposits: Your deposit is transferable to another event if intent to withdrawal is made at least one month prior to the beginning of the event (a 20% transfer fee will apply).

Cancellations: Payments will be fully refunded. If your enrollment was a transfer from a previous workshop then the payments will not be refunded but you will still have the option to transfer to another event. You will not be charged a second transfer.