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Tools and Methods

To assist the individual and collaborative processes as well as passing on experience and knowledge we are referring to a variety of proven community tools and methods. These have their origins in traditional knowledge or have been developed and refined by the eco-village scene and/or our own project.
Alongside with the following list, other tools and methods will be brought into action during specific events and with particular team members and facilitators who would be mentioned in the event description.


Community mandala

Communal daily life as a game

The community Mandala coordinates daily and common life in an amusing way, and allows a fair and flexible distribution of household and social tasks. It also gives an understanding of the different aspects of community life, supports a dynamic and creative being together and encourages to take responsibility and to value the role of our flatmates.

Talking Stick

Protected space for profound communication

The talking stick gives each participant the full attention of the entire group. In such protected spaces it is easy to express emotions, impressions, reflections, etc. with others. That way a deep connection in the group is quickly created where each person undergoes comprehension and support for their personal processes.


Medicine wheel

Supporting individual and communal processes

This ancient tools of many cultures represents the whole existence as being a circle where each element and each archetype is represented by a specific place in the wheel. Beside some ceremonies it is used to support and map personal and communal processes in a powerful way.


The marble game

Trade of marbles balances economy and activities

The Marble Game provides flexibility and transparency in the economic dynamics inside the Laboratory. It balances the contribution brought in by money, work or other activities and capacities in relation to the benefits received. It has an approach of a game through which we are all brought to reflections about our contribution to the world, its value, our choice of work etc. Have fun and play the game lightly!