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Our events and community experiences: Learning, exploration and celebration

The ongoing community life and all activities in our laboratory are arranged as defined time slots. That enables us to define different dynamics and focus which we will dive into with a committed group of people, who each time are forming the actual community.

In our calendar you find workshops, happenings and community experiences of different kind. You are welcome to join. Simply select the opportunities which most suits you and signup through the button you find below and on each event description.

Your arrival is only possible on the starting day of each time slot, so you enjoy the introduction to the laboratory and you are part of the initial process of forming community, building a field of trust and connection and introducing the focus of the following period. For creating a continuous process of intimate connection and common exploration we are happy about each of you joining for longer period of several weeks or even month. In the signup form you can easily select several subsequent time slots. The total quote is calculated automatically and shown before submitting the form.

For diving deep we recommend to join one or several entire Moon cycles, taking part in its initial process of not just building community but also understanding the project in its depth and getting part of a dedicated crew as heart of the changing community.

Before signing up make sure to read the section 'take part'

Winter time

December 2018 - March 2019

Beloved Ones,

the EROS LAB-Team is ready for resting and relaxation.
We will go hibernating and vision questing for the next season and give over to our Winter Team.

We wanna give thanks to all the beautiful beings who joined and spent time with us, to all the amazing facilitators who shared their knowledge and wisdom with us, to all the higher spirits who supported us in processing and growth and to everybody´s liking, sharing and sending loving energy.

Thank you for your honesty, your courage, your vulnerability and your trust!

We will be back end of march 2019 and looking very much forward to the next sensations.

Nonetheless, the Valle stays open during the wintertime: Hot Tub-Weekends, a Clay Workshop and Open Door Days will be held - not in our framework of an Eros Lab, but as an Eco Village Lab, what we are anyway ;)

For further information about workshops/events,visiting the place etc.during winter time, please contact Werner via:

much love to all of you

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Actually there are no sheduled events

Our events and community experiences: Learning, exploration and celebration